You can get top cash for your used car. It takes only a few minutes on the
‌phone to agree on the cash offer. So sell your old car today!

Top Cash For Used Cars In Rock Hill

  1. You tell us about your car.
  2. You agree on the car sale price.
  3. You get the free junk car removal service.
  4. You pick the time to tow the car away.
  5. You receive cash immediately, on the spot!
Sell My Car For Cash

Sell My Used Car For Cash in South Carolina

We will pay you cash for your car anywhere in South Carolina and parts of North Carolina! You read it right. Selling your used car or used truck for fast cash is easy if you are in the Rock Hill, South Carolina area and contact Sell MY Car Rock Hill at 803-807-2773.

In just one conversation you can agree on the dollar amount to sell your car for cash. At Sell MY Car Rock Hill you always get the most cash value for your used car or truck no matter the vehicle condition.

Sell My Car Fast

Get Cash For My Junk Car In Rock Hill, SC

You will get a cash offer on phone with the sight of your car still unseen. Better yet, we guarantee those cash offers. Many unscrupulous junk dealers will offer you far more than your vehicle is actually worth and then find ways to charge you or knockdown the price until you get a small portion of the original offer. Some dealers say they will take any car but in reality they are looking to resell at a profit. We offer a fair price to begin with. We even provide free towing.

Selling a Car with No Title or Lost Title

Sell Car With No Title or Lost Title In South Carolina

Trying to sell a car with no title or a lost tile? No big deal, we can help you find the title to the car! We know many reasons why someone would be missing their car title or unsure if it ever officially existed. This is a crucial document for all car sales in not just Rock Hill but all of South Carolina, and it will be necessary in order to finalize any sale.

Once you have the title to the car you are selling, Sell My Car Rock Hill will take care of all the title transfer paperwork for free. If you lost the title to your car or if the title was stone, you can receive a new one through the DMV,  Click Here. Don’t be fooled by companies that want to charge you a fee!

Used Car Value

Top Cash For Your Used or Junk Car In Rock Hill

Our mission is to get customers the absolute top cash offer for their used or junk car. From buying a used car to buying a junk car and selling the car parts, we enjoy creating simple and fast service that gets cash in your hands and removes your old car for free if you are located in Rock Hill, SC or nearby.

Our unique service is unlike your average Rock Hill used car dealer. We work with several vendors including junkyards and scrap metal dealers throughout South Carolina so you always get top cash for your used or junk car at Sell My Car Rock Hill no matter the cars condition.

Cash For Junk Cars Rock Hill South Carolina

Easiest Cash For Car Selling Experience In South Carolina

We think you have been through enough trying to get rid of your used car. That’s one reason why we also promise free car removal service after we pay you cash for your car. Though we started in Rock Hill, SC we now branch out to all areas within 50 miles and potentially even more to ensure our customers enjoy the easiest cash for car selling experience. We like to think that no car is too far for us to buy, just call us and ask!

Sell My Car Rock Hill is Hiring 

We are always looking for great talent in the Rock Hill, SC area